Thyroid health depends on other bio-markers


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The thyroid is a tiny butterfly-shaped gland located below your Adam’s apple. Chances are, you or a friend may even be on thyroid medication or have been impacted by some form of thyroid disease. But do you know what the thyroid actually does? Understanding that thyroid health depends on more than just thyroid hormone bio-markers. Getting a whole picture is the first step toward health and vitality.

In short, the thyroid controls and impacts many aspects of the body. From metabolism and body temperature to hormones and mood. Specifically, symptoms of thyroid diseases can include panic attacks, weight gain/loss, hair loss, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, among so many others.

It’s essential to check your thyroid levels regularly. As a result, it gives you a head start on potentially reversing your condition. You can decrease your risks of developing thyroid cancers and other complications by checking more than just thyroid hormones. My Sacred Life can work with you to check your thyroid and coach you in the direction of vitality. We’ve created lab panels for the thyroid to look for specific biomarkers that could impact your thyroid health.

Thyroid health depends on testing more than hormones, we’re talking micro-nutrient deficiencies.

Did you know that there are several nutrient deficiency’s that can impact thyroid health? Repleting these missing nutrients can dramatically help your condition. Our Thyroid Panel check specific vitamins and minerals that could be a precursor to thyroid dysfunction.*

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