Everything You Need to Know About Fiber

Introduction to fiber:

You see foods labeled “high in fiber” or “great source of fiber,” but do you know what fiber does for your body? 

It’s rare to meet someone who consumes enough fiber. Even clients who take fiber supplements, possibly aren’t consuming enough fiber. Mostly this is because many people don’t know the amount of fiber that they need. I like to explain to clients what the health benefits of fiber are, which makes it far easier for them to want to incorporate them into their diet.

Many experts agree and have for generations, that fiber is great for your overall health. Studies show it can lower your risk for certain diseases, like heart disease, and can even reduce your risk of certain types of cancer. Fiber consumption in the proper amount also helps lower other risk factors tied to diseases like diabetes, and obesity. Fiber will slow down how quickly food digests when its consumed. Slowly digested food means you can have enough energy through the day to go to work and be able to survive a fitness class after work.

High fiber oatmeal cookies

Fiber is further broken down into three other classifications:

Functional Fiber

This classification of fiber has specific purposes within the body. These include the feeling fuller longer, improved insulin control, as well as more stable blood sugar levels. Motility and absorption are influenced positively by fiber intake.

Dietary Fiber

This type of fiber is considered “non-digestible” in the gut. The sourcing of this type of fiber comes from the lignins within plants. The presence of dietary fiber in (carbohydrate) foods help to slow digestion, thus reducing their effect on glucose levels.

There are two basic types of dietary fiber: soluble and insoluble fiber. The best sources of fiber include beans, fruits, vegetables, and tree nuts. It’s essential to incorporate some of these items into every meal.

Total Fiber

Simply the total of both functional fiber and dietary fiber, combined.

Fiber is important. And it’s far too easy to incorporate fiber into your daily diet to not do it. So now we can stop snickering at grandma for drinking her glass of prune juice every day because everybody poops! Many individuals with food intolerance’s have a hard time doing this. They are usually suffering from either constipation or diarrhea.

Thats everything you need to know about fiber!

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